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Booking your first session

you know what you want... Let's begin.

All first time encounters require you to fill out the booking form. Be as detailed as possible while remaining concise. Any established clients are free to choose their preferred contact method via text or email. Don't forget your session length of interest.

Screening is required. Be prepared to provide your ID and a custom requested selfie to ensure you are who you say you are, in addition to the booking form requirements. Failure to follow this process will result in immediate termination of your application.

Providing 2-3 dates and times you're available to session will help ensure a smooth scheduling process and increase your chances of getting the time frame you want.

All information provided must be true and accurate, any misleading applications will be dismissed. your content remains securely with Me until the screening process is complete, and then is deleted in full.

Detail your health history!

This is imperative for all sessions. I will likely overwhelm your senses in session and I need to know about bad joints, jaw problems, high blood pressure, phobias, past accidents and surgeries, bad sciatica, poor circulation, and ANY OTHER CONCERNS OR CONDITIONS you may have. This includes any allergies you have.

Location Selection

Sessions are run in The House of Jin or Approved Outcalls local to Edmonton & Area. While on tour, sessions are hosted at an incall location when I visit your city.

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