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So Jin, what are your matchmaker qualifications?

The story of how I became a professional Dominatrix turned professional Matchmaker, and what I plan to do next.

Jins' Lair, The House of Jin and the kinky matchmaker: FemDom, BDSM & Love in YEG

My life has been nothing short of an adventure, throughout some constants have maintained. Driven work ethic, a dry sense of humor and inherently kinky are three that quickly come to the top of mind. Let's take a little walk down memory lane...

The kinky matchmaker:

Domina, adventure seeker, deviant. Mistress Jin if ya' nasty.

I was raised in the old world, that's pre 2005 for anyone curious, and was in psychology classes at SFU somewhat before my time. This laid a unique path for the framework of who I was and who I would eventually come to be. Ultimately, it has been life that has taught me the most and I'm sure baptised in hells kitchen is an appropriate description on several occasions.

My first 18 years were spent in the mountains where life was lived outside and not so much on the internet. When I came to Alberta, I found a home here in the north and not only lived my life, but eventually came to find a space within myself where truth and freedom take the lead; Mistress Jin was born.

The House of Jin

As I'm sure you can imagine, there is no shortage of male submissives eagerly waiting for a dominant woman to bring them in to serve her. In a whirlwind of lessons; fun was had, minds were blown and my adventure as Head Mistress of a Total Power Exchange household began. Earning collars, unexpected knocks on the door and devious FemDom in the kitchen, the House of Jin was the kinky little house of dreams.

Ultimately the most valuable lessons came from this time in my life and what started out as a private little dream quickly became a name (literally) painted on the town. [Disclaimer: I still don't know who tagged my name across the city. I always assumed they would eventually want to take credit for it, but it didn't happen.] It was quite the introduction for our dungeon launch, there's no doubt about that.

It was quickly impressed upon me that most of you are at least a little kinky, and every single one of you wishes your partner was just, "a little x,y,z". Let me tell you about the extremely high percentage of straight males who are dying for their women to pick up a strap on. The biggest common denominator amongst all of us is that we want our partner to understand our kinks. The amount of people who have successfully communicated with their partners however is not as high as one might hope.

Since the begining, we wanted to be the kind of space you were free to be yourself and enjoy a little life without the shame of what others might think. A short time later, with more work hours than I care to remember, The Studio and Jins' Lair the dungeon rental play space came to be.

Jins' Lair

We live in a part of the country that has a strong conservative history and as the outdated blends with the new, Jins' Lair wanted to help provide a fun space where kink and sexuality can be safely explored. Where Dommes ran freely and the submissives who serve them were owned, completely. Turns out, that was a bit of a big bite and the appeal of being a Pro Domme is shiny at the beginning but not for the faint of heart. Enter Mistress Jin to the world of Professional Domination.

There is no shortage of stories from this stage, I'll turn the best ones into blogs at some point and the rest can live only in the memories of the humans who were there live and in colour. [Shameless plug: keep your eyes peeled for the maintenance men story, it's hilarious] Through the ups and downs the House of Jin was slowly shaped into what it is today, a kinky sleeper house in the suburbs where your FLR & FemDom fantasies come to life.

Like a choose your own adventure novel, you get to decide how long you visit and what the boundaries are for the depths I can take you. It's in my curious nature to push limits and help you discover those levels of submission and release you can't get to on your own. Need someone to really make the decisions? Come on in my freaky darling, I've been waiting for you. We're here for a good time not a long time, as they say, and I strongly encourage you to make it count.

Shayne Black Enterprises

As I enter my 4th year in this world, the baseline of my sessions are all very similar in the sense that we dig deep into parts of yourself that you don't visit often. I help you put words to feelings, identify what exists and what might be missing, and what the next best steps for you might be. Communication is a strength I actively work on and I am happy to share what I know with you. Shayne Black Enterprises and the kinky matchmaker takes this a step further by having the difficult conversations for you so you can reap the benefits of a relationship with open communication lines.

Online dating is a zoo, this we know. Other matchmaking services exist in all cities, but not one of these other venues matches your kink & BDSM profiles. The kinky matchmaker will only match you with people who share your interests or are at the very least open to them. The interview process will match your interests and simultaneously vet out all the things you know are non-negotiables for you. Your time is valuable and your soul deserves the connection it craves, I aim to help you get both.

Thanks for joining me on this crazy little adventure my freaky darlings, it wouldn't be any fun without you! Head on over to for the deets and to get your spot.

Until next time,

Shayne, Xx

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