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After Dinner Delight

He wants Her. More than he has ever wanted anything in his entire life; and She’s walking away with another man. He runs through the list of reasons in his head, but it’s his impossibly hard, throbbing cock that explains it all. Much to the dismay of his ego and ingrained notions of primal territory.

There’s something different about Her and the way She laughs. She challenges him, and frankly he has never had as much fun as he has since She came into his life. She’s smart. Probably too smart for Her own good. A Dominant creature who isn’t afraid to get what She wants. That’s what he loves about Her.

“Sir? Is there anything else I can bring you this evening?” asks the confused server as she’s trying to figure out who that man is, and where they’re going. “No thanks Kelly, just the bill is fine” he replies as he smiles at her, pretending his Mistress didn’t just walk away on the arm of another man.

They spent the afternoon between the beach and the condo. He can still smell her. Taste her on his lips. Feel her next to him, almost like a phantom limb. But this time when he turns to hold Her, She’s not there. “How was everything tonight Sir?” asks Kelly.

Amazing. She was amazing. Is amazing.

“Great thanks!” he finally manages to respond. It is abnormal for them not to leave together, being semi-regulars at this little bistro now. Noticing Kelly gearing up to ask questions he isn’t prepared to answer; he quickly pays for dinner and leaves the restaurant.

He gets to his car and there’s a note on the windshield. “3115 Morris Way- 11:00pm”. He looks at his watch, it’s 10:20pm, his stomach flips in knots as he starts to sweat. It’s Her writing, and that address is half an hour away. He starts the engine and starts masturbating furiously.

Is She fucking him? Is that the new bull She has been talking about or just a toy? Argh! So many questions! Slamming on the breaks as the light changes to red and he almost cums’ on the steering wheel. Slowly stroking his cock as its soaked in precum, he wishes She was sitting on his face telling him dirty things.

The light turns green and he explodes, making a mess all over his lap as he heads to Her location. Two months ago, he would have been frustrated with having to clean up cum all over the car, but this just seems regular practice now. He can’t believe how much She turns him on. All the fucking time.

He had to sneak to the bathroom three times yesterday at work so he could masturbate and cum to temporarily get rid of his hard on. He had never done that in his life before Her, and She was only texting him. Between his head, his heart, and his dick, he can’t imagine anyone he could want more. No one else could ever understand his deepest desires the way She does anyway.

This is the longest drive in history. Every light is red along the way. Is he late? God it’s exciting. This is the life he wants. His cell rings and the car connects his Bluetooth automatically, it’s Her number. “Hi Mistress! I’m on my way to you right now, maybe 15 minutes out. I won’t be late!” he excitedly tells Her; his dick is almost fully hard again.

Her moans amplify as She’s getting fucked hard. He’s masturbating again, he can’t help himself. She’s telling him not to stop fucking Her as She squirts all over the bulls dick again and again, Her bull fucking Her relentlessly.

“Hello? Miss you there?” he asks, straining to listen. There’s a crashing sound as the phone is dropped and She moans. “Mistress are you there??? Hello?!?” as he listens to his Mistress thank Her new lover for how amazing his dick feels. She’s gasping as he slides deeper and deeper inside Her.

Red light. “Damn it!!!” he exclaims as he tries to calculate how far She is. “I can be there in five minutes!” he stammers, and the line disconnects. “Hello? Miss? You there?” Nothing. “Damn it!” he yells into the car as he’s on the verge of cumming for Her again. He races to his Cuckoldress, he needs to serve Her now.

“3115 Morris Way – Finally!” He parks out front and runs to the front door. A million things are running through his mind right now. He just came twice and didn’t eat it all. She’s going to be upset about that. What is that man doing to her? What will I have to do to him? Is She going to…

His thoughts trail off as She opens the door. Her long black kimono glides over the floor as She smiles at him and he steps in to embrace his Queen. Her hair messy from the obvious ravaging She just took. Her cheeks rosy. Her skin salty. Her smile devious.

“Don’t touch Her cuck” demands the bull as he steps behind Her sliding his hand firmly around Her hip and his knee between Hers. “Close the door cucky” She says as the bull starts kissing Her neck. “I want you to strip, leaving your clothes at the door. Your collar is in My purse”

He swallows hard and obeys his Mistress. There’s no where he would rather be. His palms are sweating as his belt buckle hits the floor. She moans and he hurries inside to find his collar. She doesn’t like to be kept waiting...

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