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What the subs of Jin are saying...

Session Feedback

Oh Mistress Jin!

You're doing a great job! Your personalized approach is wonderful and engaging. You can provide both real excitement and relaxation. Thank you for the time spent in your, "lair". I am dreaming of my next session. With thanks, 

 the lotus slave

August 2023

Good morning Mistress Jin, 

thank You for the training session yesterday and for Your patience. 

i believe i am still floating. i really appreciate Your willingness to see me. Have a wonderful day 

slave d 

September 2021

Mistress Jin


Yesterday was very much worth the wait. I really hope i pleased you as much you pleasured me. The sensations where amazing, and not knowing what was coming next was next level. The caning was definitely the most painful but today something i would like more of, weird how that works lol.


I really hope to be able to serve you more and learn from you, pleasure you, however you see fit. Teach me to suck. Get prepared for a cuckold session.


I dont want to wait this long but looking at your schedule and mine *** ** looks to be the next earliest i will be able to make. What the earliest in the day on the **th of dec that works for 2hrs?


Again yesterday was amazing i cannot wait to see you again.




 cuck g

November 2022


i was just wondering if or when we could have another session. i was pretty nervous lol at the last session just because of what you thought i thought our sessions would be like n what i wanted...

i thought i was a rock star in dreaming up raunchy sessions... but You blew my mind after i was in Your cage and JUST listening to the session with You and Your bull had... i felt totally out of my elements!!! Lol 

But still willing and wanting to give it another try


cuck k

March 2021

Hello Mistress, 

i just wanted to touch base with You and say hi. ( i don't know if You want to be bothered when i can't be with You) but i just wanted to say i have been thinking of You a lot. And hopefully i was obedient enough for You last time where i earned enough grace to be Your pathetic clean up boy once again when i can


 sub c

July 2021

i enjoyed the experience with You. Only thing now is i am horny as hell and want to f*ck hahahah


sub g

October 2020

i thought the session was great. i've seen Dommes before but that as the first time i felt like a genuine sub. i also felt safer around You than other Dommes i've seen. i also appreciated that You went over rules and discussed the session in length beforehand. It definitely put me in a good mind set and it felt like You really cared how our session went. Next time i definitely want to try ***** though!


sub s​

September 2021

i really want to work towards not needing the blindfold, the anticipation when i could see was scary but also hot. And the riding crop, fuck that hurt so good, Mistress lol. The ballbusting hurt like a bitch but i loved it, i really want to work up to taking whatever you want to dole out, Mistress. 

Your curb-stomping boots sound so terrifying and so hot! i'd love to be under them, or maybe kicked by them?

Wax play and tickle torture are two things i hadn't thought about before the session but i did enjoy the taste i got of them both. Being bound and tickled relentlessly might be a new fantasy of mine :) Face sitting and smothering are definatley my favourites from the session, and has me wanting to try some scent play now too! And i'd love to see whats it's like to be squeezed between Your amazing legs Mistress

 sub b 

September 2021

Serving Mistress Jin is an absolute dream. She is a natural Dominant who commands with elegance, and knows how to put a sub in their place. The more i serve Her, the more i crave Her. Truly an addicting experience!

houseboy d 

December 2022

Good morning Mistress Jin, 

So I'm not too sure how to say this so I'll just say it... 

Last night I just broke down into a very cathartic cry. The knowledge that there is a space I can truly allow myself to be who I want to without any judgement was simply overwhelming. 

When you asked my dirtiest fantasy I had never voiced that aloud before, or even fully acknowledged it to myself, and the response was intrigue and amusement rather than judgement was.... I can't even think of the right word, just amazing? That mixed with someone else having charge and direction is truly liberating. 

I guess what I am getting at is that I really need to jump head first down this rabbit hole and push my humiliation/servitude to another level. 

I really can't begin to thank you enough. 

I can't wait to book another session soon. 


 cuck b

October 2022

Thank You Mistress Jin. i am definitely looking forward to earning a position under Your feet. 

Sorry to bother You Mistress Jin. i am just curious as to how You would like me to text You about when i mastur**** while wearing the garter You gave me. Cause i imagine it will be soon as i have been hard since You left


 sub 414

September 2020

Thank You Mistress, i'm already looking forward to the next adventure.


 sub j

August 2021

i have been thinking about our last session a lot. Thinking about how i can venture further and further. 

i really liked when You were spanking me, i want to explore that more. You have such a strong hand


 sub e

May 2021


Thank You for seeing me this evening and for Your time. i do appreciate Your honesty in letting me know that my desires are not compatible with what You offer. This evening  was a learning experience for me. 

sub r

October 2021

Mistress Jin,  

Processing this was easy Mistress, i am on cloud 9. i was absolutely a nervous wreck there is no doubt but having a fantasy come true that you've wanted for 10+ years will do that to you. There was so much i loved, and warning this may get a little long. 

Walking into that room, i was nervous but confident that i was going to be a good sub for You. my confidence was quite literally stripped away by You in the best way possible. Your presence is divine. i didn't want to upset You, not for fear of punishment, but fear of disappointing You. 

Kneeling for You and rubbing Your feet while we talked was amazing. i will learn to give amazing foot rubs for You. i want to be Yours...Your sub...i want to learn what You like and Your protocols and be punished when i fail. i want to earn being a good sub for You. 

i know how open ended this is and how that's hard to work with, but i will think of how i can best serve You. Even if all i get to do is worship You while You catch up on work or something like that. i want to be more confident about being Your sub and i know that will come with training and time. i want You to break me out of being this delicate flower and be confident and a sub You are proud of. i was worried i was going to feel guilt and regret but i don't. i'm happy i e-mailed, i'm happy i went through with it and i'm so so happy my first time was with You


 Your sub jd

April 2021

Good afternoon Mistress Jin. 

i thought i better send You my thoughts before the day got crazy, and maybe Your's too. Thank You so much for pushing me slowly. It turns out i didn't want to be tied to a post and abused. i have lot's of time for this. i want the special experience You set me up for. Thank You for this opportunity


 sissy ashanti

October 2020

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