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Mistress Jin

Domina,  Adventure Seeker & Kink Enthusiast

It's time to come home My pet... 


A Master at blending fantasy into reality; Come whisper your secrets in My ear and let Me bring them to life.

From the first exploration in your submissive journey, to the advanced, "heavy hitters", I have a special place for you at My feet to begin your service. 

your Mistress is kinky by nature and deviant by design.

Combining effortless Dominance, empathic sensitivity, and a twisted curiosity, your submission is authentically explored in an honoured format that pushes you. 

She's a Power Player, allowing you a wide range of kinky exploration opportunities.


A  Cuckolding Connoisseur or Corporal Punishment Specialist, your preferences are taken into consideration with advanced notice for planning.

Short on time? your request may still be possible, but do remember your fee in lieu. 

Delving into the world of submission is not always what one might think. Where does the reality line end and the fantasy role play begin?

How do we explore the best of both worlds in a safe environment? These are important questions to ask when one begins down the path of serving your Dominant. 


Indulging the senses. Pushing past the boundaries of the status quo and jumping into all the fantasies you’ve been aching to bring to fruition; I welcome you to be free here. I will provide space for you to be the best version of your submissive self.


I offer you a unique blend of lifestyle Domination and traditional dungeon play. Have you been curious what it might be like to really be a Total Power Exchange sub for a day? For a week?

 I’d be happy to show you.


Perhaps My tallest boots and a merciless bastinado session in the dungeon? Step inside My pretty…


As you train, you will find a firm but fair hand.  I guarantee you will have a cache full of naughty memories to last a lifetime.


That is My gift to you.​

you've been holding on to these desires for much too long now, it's time to explore them.


          your Mistress awaits...

Mistress Jin  |  Jins Lair
Mistress Jin  |  Jins Lair
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