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Where in the world is Mistress Jin?

Keep up with Her adventures here

Mistress Jin : Jins' Lair
Mistress Jin : Jins' Lair
Mistress Jin : Jins' Lair
Mistress Jin : Jins' Lair

The House of Jin

Edmonton, AB. CA

Text only: 587 - 206 - 6336

​​​BBC Cuckolding Marathon Weekends Featuring The Viking are listed in blue

Dueling Domme "Cold Feet" Special runs all of February. Must PreBook

February 2023

*Now Booking*

February 1st: Flexible

February 2nd: Flexible

February 3rd: One Arrival Left

February 4th: Fully Booked

February 5th: One Arrival Left

February 6th: One Arrival Left

February 7th: Flexible

February 8th: One Arrival Left

February 9th: One Arrival Left

February 10th: Flexible

February  11th: Flexible

February 12th: One Arrival Left

February 13th: Flexible

February 14th: Flexible

February 15th: Flexible ​

February 16th: Flexible

February 17th: One Arrival Left

February 18th: One Arrival Left

February 19th: One Arrival Left

February 20th: Flexible

February 21st: Fully Booked

February 22nd: Fully Booked

February 23rd: Fully Booked

February 24th: Flexible

February 25th: One Arrival Left

February 26th: Flexible

February 27th: Flexible

February 28th: Flexible

March 2023

*Now Booking*

March 1st: Flexible

March 2nd: Flexible

March 3rd: Flexible

March 4th: One Arrival Left

March 5th: Flexible

March 6th: Flexible

March 7th: Lloydminster: PM Only

March 8th: Lloydminster: Flexible

March 9th: Lloydminster: AM Only

March 10th: Flexible

March  11th: Flexible

March 12th: Flexible

March 13th: Flexible

March 14th: Flexible

March 15th: Flexible

March 16th: Flexible

March 17th: Flexible

March 18th: Flexible

March 19th: One Arrival Left

March 20th: Flexible

March 21st: The Viking Returns

March 22nd: BBC Cuckolding

March 23rd: Marathon Continues

March 24th: Flexible

March 25th: Flexible

March 26th: Flexible

March 27th: Flexible

March 28th: Flexible

March 29th: Flexible

March 30th: Flexible

March 31st: Flexible

April 2023

*Now Booking*

April 1st: Flexible

April 2nd: Flexible

April 3rd: Flexible

Calgary: April 4th: The Viking

Calgary: April 5th: BBC Cuckolding

Calgary: April 6th: Marathon

April 7th: Flexible

April 8th: Flexible

April 9th: Flexible

April 10th: Flexible

April 11th: Flexible

April 12th: Flexible

April 13th: Flexible

April 14th: Flexible

April 15th: Flexible

April 16th: Flexible

April 17th: Flexible

April 18th: Flexible

April 19th: Flexible

April 20th: Flexible

April 21st: The Viking Returns

April 22nd: BBC Cuckolding

April 23rd: Marathon Weekend

April 24th: Flexible

April 25th: Flexible

April 26th: Flexible

April 27th: Flexible

April 28th: Flexible

April 29th: Flexible

April 30th: Flexible

If I am in your area but not your specific city, a special request accommodation can be arranged.

All sessions require a 25% deposit to book: E-transfer, Crypto, and Cash point meet are all options available for you to choose from.


If you feel these options absolutely do not work, you can opt for a $100 gift card to a store on My Wish list. The gift card does NOT count towards the session and full tribute is due on arrival. ​

Sessions take place in a private, carefully selected location based on your fantasy exploration request. Location and parking details are provided upon confirmation of your deposit. 

While on tour, for the more experienced or those with a brave curiosity, dungeon sessions are absolutely an option for us to play in. Dungeons may be subject to space rental fees and are dependent on what is available in your city.


Touring tribute is 350/hr

Edmonton and area sessions are run in My private dungeon, The House of Jin.

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