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Jins' Memoirs: The first date

The soft glint of frozen ice blankets the world outside, looking something like a snow globe the pond sits in serene silence. In cold this extreme, neither man nor beast can stand to be out for too long. Tonight, however, neither he nor his Mistress are staying home where it’s warm. This evening, they will play.

Nothing, not even the elements, concerns him. he is going to serve Her. The temperature plummets below -25c as he jumps in his truck and heads towards the restaurant. It’s the opportunity to prove himself, to entertain Her, and hopefully, get to please Her. Most dates have nerves associated, but not quite like this. Reading and re-reading Her words, every time he reads Her messages, he is instantly rock hard. Pulsating so hard, it appears to be, ‘dancing’, he sighs as he tucks his erection up into his belt once again. All day he spent preparing for this, making sure to cum twice to help keep him focused on the task at hand. On the passenger seat, his phone lights’ up, ‘’Dominate you soon’’. Breathing deeply, he responds to Her text and proceeds to immediately run baseball stats, refocusing on as many regular things he can possibly think of. She wants to run in public, have him serve in a subtle way sure to turn his cheeks red. he’s barely able to stammer a “Yes Mistress”, as She walks by him in the restaurant lobby on the way to their table in the lounge. Following quickly behind, he is determined to show Her he is the gentleman he said he is. In perfect timing, he follows up behind to hang Her jacket as She sits at their table. Her demeanour is quite the opposite of his. She’s collected, concise, and elegant. She knows what She wants, and She is certainly enjoying teasing him, each minute adding anticipation and a fluctuation of emotion he’s never experienced before. The conversation recovering a couple key pieces of consensual information and She grins. Telling him if he plays his cards right, She’ll play a little with him too. The drinks they had ordered hit the table and he sighs a breath of relief, a little distraction to take the edge off. Struggling between finding the words he wants to say and keeping his throbbing erection tucked into the waistband of his pants is no small feat. In fact, it’s mildly excruciating. She stares at him intently and leans in. She must know what She’s doing. The task is simple, exchange the wrong products for the correct ones and meet your Mistress at the lingerie store. He can do that, surely. Sounds simple, right? ‘’Yes Mistress’’ he confidently states as he glances downward, only able to maintain eye contact with Her for a moment. he wants to drop to his knees, but instead pays the tab and they leave the restaurant for the mall. She’s engaging him in casual conversation as they walk quickly to the entrance. Glancing in the bag, he can see the products to exchange and feels confident in his task. Mind racing back to all the times in his life he had done exactly these things. A successful businessman, he has had several girlfriends over the years and has spent a considerable amount of time doing just this! Shopping, drinks, lingerie. Certainly not uncharted territory. In fact, he has spent entire weekends doing pretty much exactly this. All this hype and realistic consolidation have zero grasp on his current reality. She makes him nervous, and he likes it. His Mistress likes good skincare- his task to exchange the unapproved products for the approved ones. What he forgot about was the salesperson, who is going to try to upsell him on this exchange. This question line about who these products are for, how much She enjoys bubble bath, bath bombs and salts caught him unprepared, stammering over his response while running all the ideas of bath time service opportunities with his Mistress. Shifting his weight uncomfortably once again, he needs to get the hell out of here. How did a simple exchange turn into this? She is clever, that devilish woman. Time is almost up. he has seven minutes to get to the lingerie store where She waits. Racing out of the store, cheeks bright red, clearly starting to sweat; he heads down the hallway. ‘’Is it a right turn at Mac Cosmetics or straight? Straight? I think,’’ he mumbles to himself as he swiftly makes a decision walking into the lingerie store just ahead. One minute left. he enters the first store immediately recognizing once again he is completely out of his element. Racy negligee and lacy panties everywhere, sweat dripping down the side of his brow, completed task in hand. he is here to declare victory and show his Mistress he has completed his task as requested. A proud surge of victory sweeps him as a sly grin crosses his face. ‘’Hello, may I help you?’’ asks the skeptical salesclerk with her eyebrow raised at this slightly dishevelled, grinning man. ‘’i’m looking for my... Uh…’’ his voice trails off as he runs through the list of ways to refer to his Mistress. Although he probably shouldn’t just say that, should he? ‘’i, uh, am looking for my girlfriend’’ he finally stammers out, eyes darting around the store hoping Mistress Jin isn’t in ear shot. As he scans the room, he doesn’t see Her at all, and the salesclerk follows up by informing him there’s no one else shopping in this store at the moment. Heart sinking, he hangs his head realizing he’s in the wrong place. Disappointed with his logistical error, the salesclerk suggests VS down the hall as he quickly exits to get to where he needs to be. Racing through the hallway once again, he is late. The deadline has passed, and each footstep now can’t seem to move fast enough. Stuck behind the slow walkers and the constant bombardment of kiosk salespeople was agony as he navigated what seemed to be the never-ending mall. his heart pounding in his chest must be echoing down the hallway. The original task is complete, topped with rosy cheeked embarrassment; surely that will please Her. Running though all the reasoning he can think of, he makes the corner walking directly into Her line of sight and all his excuses falter. Task complete, however the timeline was not met. Perhaps that means half a reward? She smells so sweet; all he can dream of lately is how badly he wants to Taste her. Maybe she will… he clears his throat and begins to excuse his tardiness when she looks at her watch and says, ‘’Three minutes late, no panties for you. Let’s go’’. Lagging a moment, stunned. he hadn’t told Her about those fantasies... Did he? Certainly not, there’s no way he let it slip, it’s too new. How does She know? Scooting up behind Her, he naturally falls in line just to Her right, a step and a half behind. Her long legs move quickly as he tries not to get caught staring at Her. Exiting the mall, Her SUV is running and warm, providing welcome reprieve from the icy arctic air. She hasn’t said a word and the tension is building almost as quickly as his erection. Remembering his brief, ‘’presentation training’’, he bows his head and presents the bag so She can review the contents. ‘’Task complete’’, She says as he exhales for the first time in what feels like eternity. he begins to explain the reasons for being late, but She cuts him off mid sentence. ‘’I want you in the backseat’’ She replies. ‘’Yes Mistress’’ he says and quickly jumps from the front seat to the back. Their conversations up until tonight have been thorough and communicative, this side of Her was new to him, the bulge in his pants can no longer be ignored as he climbs into the back seat. The leather seats folded down, soft blankets and pillows covered the space. ‘’Mistress may i’’, ‘’Don’t speak until you’re spoken to slave’’, She cut him off again, ‘’I want you lying on your back, head towards the back window’’. ‘’Yes Mam’’ he stammers and assumes the position. ‘’you were doing so well this evening, looking like a win and then you blew your time frame. I warned you the devil was in the details, and you came up short and left Me waiting’’. Her voice trails off as She straddles his chest, pencil skirt hiked up, lace tops of Her stockings at his ears. ‘’We’re going to play a little game to see if you can earn your reward. you want to cum for Me tonight, don’t you?’ She asks as She undoes his pants allowing his throbbing hard cock to spring free. ‘’Yes Mistress, please, please let me cum for You tonight. i was such a good boy, i just got a little lost. It won’t happen again Mistress, i won’t leave you waiting again. i promise!’’, he begs as his hips instinctively thrust in the air towards Her. ‘’your task is to make Me cum in your mouth at least twice while I’m riding your face. I also want you edging on My command, be careful to communicate how close you are by tapping My thigh. you do not cum without My permission, understood?’’ ‘’Yes Mistress’’ he says looking up at Her in a dozy haze, this is where he wants to be. ‘’If you cum without permission, you fail, and I’ll ruin your orgasm. If you don’t make Me cum, you fail, and I’ll ruin your orgasm. If you succeed slave, I’ll let you cum for Me tonight and you’re going to lick up your mess to say Thank you.’’ ‘’Yes Mistress, completely understood’’ he says confidently. No sooner did the words come out of his mouth and She was sitting on his face, grinding her dripping wet pussy back and forth as he slid his tongue along the lines of Her latex panties hidden underneath. Lifting up and down, She teases him, he uses his free arm to wrap around Her thigh, pulling Her down on his face. Edging commands continue, start, stop, start… stop. This bit of agony might be the greatest challenge he has had to date. It is so fucking hard not to cum while his Queen is above him, allowing him to be completely immersed in Her. he loves it. She rides faster as she tells him to stop edging so he can hold both of Her ass cheeks while She squirts in his mouth, waterboarding him. he swallows on repeat and goes back in with more enthusiasm than ever before, his dick leaking cum consistently now. The windows of Her SUV are completely steamed up as She slows down for a moment, holding both of them still while people enter a neighbouring vehicle and exit the parking lot. There was a second he forgot they were in a parking lot in sub arctic temperatures. Looking down at him, She smiles sweetly as She slaps his face and resumes Her place, grinding Her pussy on his mouth in a slow, steady rhythm. She moves Her panties to the side as he runs his tongue up and down along the soft lines of Her skin. She moans softly as his mouth latches on to Her, simultaneously pulling Her deeper onto his face. his strong arms pulling Her down, hands wrapped around Her thighs, then gripping Her ass. The sweetest torture of his life, he makes Her cum again and She aggressively picks up the pace; riding his face until She cums one more time before relaxing backwards with a glow he wants to make happen again and again. he’s been leaking cum now for what feels like forever. She was relentless in teasing him the entire time, but this is his absolute favourite way to serve his Mistress so far. This is something he’s going to work to get back to again and again. ‘’Tell Me who’s dick this is,’’ She says tapping his shaft with the tip of Her polished nail. ‘’Yours, Mistress Jin.’’ he struggles as every touch now might send him over the edge. he begins to beg Her, ‘’Please Mistress, may i cum for You?’’ She slaps his face again and grabs his beard, pulling him closer to Her. ‘’For a half successful task, you will say, ‘’Thank You Mistress’ by cleaning up all of your cum, do you understand?’’ She asks. Body trembling as he exclaims, ‘’Yes Mistress Jin, i will clean up all the cum for You!’’ One more face slap and he receives the command he’s been aching for, ‘’I want you to cum for Me now slave,’’ pointing to a smooth section of blanket. he moans loudly as he orgasms, mustering a pleasure filled, ‘’Thank you Mistress,’’ on repeat, lost in pleasure. Grabbing his hair at the base of his neck, She pulls his face close to Hers, ‘’Now lick it up,’’ She commands. ‘’Yes Mistress,’’ he responds and quickly jumping up to all fours he diligently licks up all the cum he left on the blanket. ‘’Good boy’’ She tells him as he admires Her long legs under the glow of the soft street lights. ‘’If you’re late again, you owe Me seven ruined orgasms.’’ She warns with a sly grin. It’s time to go. he leaves Her in a euphoric daze, Her scent still dancing in his nostrils, a plethora of compounding emotions all leading to a reward he couldn’t quite have imagined. his homework is simple, he’ll begin first thing in the morning. Three weeks to prepare to serve Her again, it really isn’t much time. Gently touching his cheek where She had left a slight sting turned him on all over again as he replayed the night in his mind. Three weeks until he can earn the reward of being beneath Her again. ‘’It’s going to be a long three weeks’’ he mutters to himself as he adjusts and moves his erection back up into his waistband for the drive home.

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