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What's in a name?

Is it Shayne Black or Mistress Jin? Goddess? Domina? Master??!

Let's dig into the details and I'll explain a little more about why you'll see My name in different formats.

In the world of kink & BDSM, personally I think people can get a little carried away sometimes. Developing a fetish based personality and insisting people adhere to it, is a little sticky and probably outdated. Really, do we live in a world where just because a person identifies as Dominant, that means the rest of us do their bidding? No, of course not. The city will still pick up your trash on Tuesday every week, even if Mistress so and so or Sir Dominant wishes otherwise.

In preliminary communication, I will sign off as Shayne and if you use My first name, that is fine. Once we move to session and throughout your submissive journey, Dominant titles will be expected.

This duality also helps to reinforce human interaction outside of session, while enhancing the D/s during sessions. When we've built something, it means much more to be My pet.

Shayne Black or Mistress Jin?

My name is Shayne and My Dominant title is Mistress Jin. Why is it important to differentiate? Excellent question!

I want it to be clear that I am aware of the difference and I don't have some crazy view that could potentially have a negative impact. What am I talking about? Simply put, I believe that if people fall for their own delusions of grandeur, there could be a negative impact on their submissive in session due to lack of realistic outcomes. For example, if findom is a part of a session, and the Dominant opts to literally empty someone's bank account and refuse to return the money despite real world consequences, that is dangerous and the results can be severe.

What do i call You then Mistress?

Miss, Mistress or Mistress Jin are all interchangeable titles. If we're in session and you're caught up in a world of delightful torment and you stammer out, "Thank you Goddess!!!", there won't be any flack given. As long as the titles you use remain Dominant; Mistress, Madame, Goddess, Queen, my Grace, etc, we are good and will move along to the next bit of fun. Be sure not to drop rank however, a Princess I am not.


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