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But Jin! Why do i have to jump through all these hoops??!

Feeling like the processes are all too much? I'll take a minute to explain the logical reasoning behind it all.

Session booking, safety protocols and the, 'why', behind it all.

First and foremost, these systems are in place for safety purposes only. Both My safety and yours. Beyond that, this is FemDom. It is imperative I know that you can follow simple instructions and you are going to listen when I'm alone in a room with you. This session isn't like a regular rendezvous with your favourite sex bomb, you are coming in to a BDSM session. There are rules here, and the most basic expectation is that I lead and you follow.

Let's get into the specifics:

Application form and Screening

This is common practice in the industry these days and your application form is a condensed version of every single booking text exchange I've ever had. It requires your full name and proper phone number so I know who I'm getting in the room with. These must obviously match your ID.

"Why do you need a photo of my ID?" - Unfortunately there are people in the world with bad intentions and so a photo of your ID along with a custom selfie are required as a version of an insurance policy. Specifically what I mean is that if someone were to attempt to harm Me or My property, I have the required information to press charges with the Police immediately after the incident.

Hopefully this is a no-brainer and we're on the same page.

Intake Process

"You want me to do what??!" – Random applicants

That is correct, I do not give out My address freely for you to come in for session. The House is in an upper class neighbourhood and consistent foot traffic of random dudes will be noticed immediately. The nosy neighbour is not your friend and it's important to be aware of the people who watch your comings and goings.

The only reason I make you go through the intake process at all is so that you're not wandering 5 circles around My House on My neighbours' doorbell camera before finally realizing you missed the last instructions I gave you and you just needed to come in the door. All of you do it, doesn't matter how many pictures with arrows or descriptive instructions I send.

I assure you it is a hassle for Me to add this service to the beginning and end of each session and I take that time out of My day to help make this as discrete and seamless as possible for all involved.

"No one else in the city makes me do this"

Feel free to book with them. If you're not willing to be open and honest with Me, then you're not the kind of person I want to session with. It would be a minimum 15k if I had to move this big ole house in some kind of quick fashion if there was ever a legitimate threat to My safety.

"You're going to blackmail me or something worse!"

This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Blackmail, theft, or other crimes will result in Me getting arrested and I am telling you right now, I don't do well in cages.

More over, I've built a professional business here for the last almost 5 years, and a lifestyle Dominant in the city for years before that. It is delusional to think I'm going to risk the comforts I've built to disrupt your life. Where's the good business sense in it?

Come on guys, use your big head for a second.

Why don't you have lEgItImAtE reviews on review boards?

I once found a recommendation for My humiliation sessions, but to be honest with you, I think it's because My clients truly value discretion. Discretion is a two way street, and often people feel like their kinks are telling somehow.

In all honesty, I don't encourage or discuss review board culture with My clients. I do share session feedback in testimonial format on My website - but that's as close as she gets.

That's it! Not so big and scary after all...

Remember fellas, doing as I ask when I ask always produces rewards for you to reap. Not once have you ever heard of Me threatening someone, ripping someone of, or the ever dreaded, 'stealing of deposits'.

I am a professional running a professional business and will expect you to conduct yourself in the same manner as any other professional booking. Now, breathe and send in your application form.


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