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First Round

Somewhere in this bar your Mistress is waiting. you’ve been through the preparation list at least a dozen times to ensure you haven’t missed any instructions. The evening of your introduction session is finally here and you find yourself a little more nervous than you have been in some time.

Her instructions are detail oriented and thorough, which helps you tremendously because you keep stumbling over the little things the closer you get to Her. Walking up to the table, Her smile is disarming and you feel instantly welcome despite suddenly being nervous in a completely new way. She invites you to sit and you obey as you shift your semi hard on hoping She won’t notice.

The mandatory preliminary information discussion begins as you ease into Her presence bit by bit. Her confidence and certainty make it easy for you to answer some of the more personal questions and with excitement the discussion portion of our first meeting comes to a close and She sends you upstairs to Assume the Position.

Like a nervous schoolgirl, you await Her naked, on all fours, awaiting inspection. After a minute that felt like eternity, you find yourself once again in Her presence. This time Her tone is strict as you’re run down the preparation checklist ensuring you have done as She asked. Challenging any notions of the power you thought you had, She has it now.

As She begins to toy with you and modify your position for Her pleasure, you slip down the subspace path becoming the well trained pet you yearn to be. Moulded to Her preferences, trained to please through service and being the dirty little slut we know you can be in the right environment. This is where your effort comes in to play, follow Her instructions and you will surely reap the rewards of pleasing your Mistress.

Best foot forward My freaky darlings,

Shayne Xx

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